Friday, August 13, 2010

The Drone Zone: Stereolab, "Blue Milk [vinyl version]"

"Blue Milk" was always my favorite track off Stereolab's 1999 long-player Cobra and Phases Play Voltage in the Milky Night. At nearly twelve minutes, it take a simple two-chord keyboard figure and rides it into a distorted Milky Way of placid droning, getting increasingly noisier and more beautiful, the soundtrack to interstellar travel or meditative hypnosis. Until recently, I had no idea that the vinyl version was longer by a full five minutes. Those who do not like to get caught in droning astral noise-ruts will run for the hills, but I can attest that this really is more of a good thing, and I thank Deerhunter/Atlas Sound head honcho Bradford Cox for bringing this to our attention and into the light (here). Play it loud, and kiss the sky.

Stereolab, "Blue Milk [vinyl version]":

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