Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homemade Gangsta: Rodest Black & Double G

I have never been a huge gangsta rap fan, as the violence and misogynistic content can be too offensive even for me; I always found it more tolerable when rap protagonists could cut their rage with humor, like Ice-T, or when the rapper was too cartoonishly absurd to take seriously, like Eazy-E. At some point in the early 90s, one of my younger brother's friends knew this talented kid (named Jarod, if I remember correctly) who recorded a wide range of material at home, presumably just for fun. His music (at least what small amount of it I've heard), from folk songs to metal, is patently scatological—this is the work of a high school sophomore, and it shows. And yet the following two tracks, parodies of the N.W.A. school of hardcore gangsta rap, are amazing in concept and execution. Cast as aggressively pansexual gangsta rappers, Rodest Black and his sidekick Double G turn the misogyny of the gangsta world on its head. Dirty and hilarious, these tracks encapsulate the sicko brilliance of the teenage male mind.

Warning: the lyrical content is disgusting and very funny, and if you don't like hearing about genitals, bodily fluids, bestiality, and a wide array of other perversions, then please do not listen. Also, I just rescued these tracks from a dusty old cassette, so the sound quality is hissy.

Rodest Black & Double G: "Bitches Beware":

Rodest Black & Double G: "Slave To The Shave":


  1. you is a mutha fucking slave.

  2. p.s. - I esp. love the 'album artwork' that popped up on my ipod. excellent work.

  3. what about "the all star Joe Busier love parade"?

  4. I was just at a Halloween party with J-Rodney. He has a rather large catalog of material these days. I remember one day in 1997 or so when he recorded 3 songs in one afternoon. Full instrumentation, vocals, the works. And they killed. He is my songwriting idol.