Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Nugget #16: Pavement, "For Sale: The Preston School Of Industry"

The dream, and subsequent reality, of a Pavement reunion has caused extreme excitement—arousal, even—among the 7,000 nerds in their 30s with exquisite and annoying musical taste who comprise their fanbase. Of course I have my ticket, and expect to be nonplussed about whatever favorite track they fail to play (note to the band: "Grounded", please). I saw them in 1999, and they sucked, but maybe the suckage won't be as bad this time around, especially since now they might actually need the money. Regardless, for music geeks of a certain age, this counts as an Event, one which happily punctuates one of the better reissue campaigns of recent years. If you've purchased any of the deluxe 2-disc reissues of their Matador albums, you've been delighted to see all the stray tracks hunted down and compiled, with Peel sessions and other ephemera, and even some non-too-shitty live material. The only misstep so far is the non-inclusion of the track below, recorded for Dutch radio in 1997 and kept off the Brighten The Corners reissue due to some Byzantine royalties issue. Anyway, this is a top-shelf Scott Kannberg number not otherwise recorded. Let's hope it gets an official release some day.

Pavement, "For Sale: The Preston School Of Industry":

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