Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to Medium Rotation

This blog is devoted to the songs, artists, and albums I love. After countless trips to record stores, countless hours of thumbing through stacks of CDs and LPs, countless speedy drives home with new tunes and filthy fingers, countless hours debating the merits of album X or song Y, and countless dollars emptied into the cash registers of noble purveyors of plastic and vinyl, I decided to start this blog as a forum for discussing the music I know and love the best. In an earlier era, this blog would have been a carefully pruned, hand-crafted mixtape; in our present era, technology has made the dissemination of mixtapes easier, but sadly less personal. What I hope to achieve is to share things I love with those who are hungry for new music. That said, I am not a pirate, and this blog is most assuredly not a truckstop for mp3 hooligans. Making music costs money, money which the artists richly deserve. If you like the song and it's for sale, track it down and buy it!

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